This year I’ve increased my reading goal by 10 books, resulting in a grand total of 40 books that I hope to have read by the end of the year. I’ve decided to carve out more time for reading, as it’s so good for self-care (15 minutes of reading is the same as meditating in … More 7 MINI REVIEWS

Bury Your Gays – Why is it Harmful?

Bury Your Gays History, Representation and Subversion After Commander Lexa’s death in series 3, episode 7 of the popular CW Network’s TV series The 100, the show’s producer Jason Rothenberg lost upward of 47,000 followers on Twitter overnight, more than $170,000 USD was raised by fans for charity The Trevor Project1 and the episodes that … More Bury Your Gays – Why is it Harmful?


Better late than never, right? I’m in such a book mood at the moment, so I’m hoping I manage to get more reading done than usual. Therefore I’ve been quite ambitious with the list to follow (at least, ambitious for me. Normal for everyone else, lol.) I recently finished the Carry On audiobook, and absolutely … More NOVEMBER TBR


As I’m moving to Canada for a year in just over two weeks (the nerves just started settling in yesterday!), I decided it was time for a much-needed sort out of my bookshelves. You can see what they look like here, and know what I mean when I say I’ve got too many books. Unfortunately … More BOOK UNHAUL